Ready to Sleep Notepad

Designed with proven psychological tools

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How it works

Whirling thoughts, busy brain, worries, stess... they all keep you from falling asleep or maintaining it.

This notepad helps you to download what's on your mind, giving you control over it, and promoting the release of feel-good hormones - ready for sleep.

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How to use it

This notepad design is based on a psychological tool called the 'worry tree'.

When you're ready to go to sleep, spend a few minutes working through the 'tree' following the prompts to end with 3 good things you can think of, no matter how small they may be.

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Build a habit

And repeat... creating a good habit every night that will help to settle your mind. After all, in order to get a good night's sleep your brain has to feel safe and relaxed if it's to allow you to be as vulnerable as sleep make you!

The notepad contains 50 pages - that's a 50 night habit waiting for you...

And the end result...

A good night's sleep followed by waking up refreshed and ready to face your day.

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Insomnia, vivid dreams, disturbed sleep patterns...

Poor habits can contribute to poor sleep

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But this little good habit could make all the difference. Every night.

Other notepads available to help you sleep better and reduce stress:

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4 Notepad Bundle

And in case you need a little more information about me, I'm an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist specialising in stress management and sleep issues. I've worked with clients to help them manage stress and anxiety, beat insomnia (some after decades of suffering with it), ditch fears and phobias, control alcohol addiction, boost motivation and confidence, and lose weight. Additionally, I'm a Wellness Coach, author (books available from Amazon), speaker including TEDx, and a corporate trainer.

Buy online or contact me

This could be the best £9.95 you've ever spent!

Disclaimer: Please note that whilst this notepad may help improve your sleep, there are lots of other factors that impact on good quality sleep. Stress, diet, lifestyle, health, environment all play a part, and it's important to address these alongside having good habits around your sleep routine. This notepad is designed with tried and tested psychological tools but it's not magic! It takes consistent action to create a good habit, and hopefully you'll enjoy developing your habit through using it.

If you have any questions or need more specialised help with your sleep, get in touch ( or if you have health concerns about your sleep do contact your GP.



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