Feeling Grateful Notepad

Designed with proven psychological tools

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How it works

We are all prone to negative thinking, it's part of our evolutionary development to err on the side of caution, to help us stay safe - but safe isn't what we always need or want, especially when it keeps us stuck.

This notepad reminds you that you do have positive things in your life and you are capable of directing your life.

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How to use it

This notepad design is based on clinical psychological tools that reminds you about your strengths, skills and support networks.

Follow the prompts and work through the sections - you'll soon be ready to get back to whatever you need to do with renewed motivation and confidence in your abilities.

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Build a habit

You can use this notepad in a moment of stress or overwhelm to help you pull back from negative thoughts. It can also be used every day as a preventative tool, building up a good practise of being grateful for what you have which dampens down the stress response, and it's a great tool to use at night just before sleep...

The notepad contains 50 pages to use when you need it, or as part of your de-stress habit.

And the end result...

A calmer, more relaxed you! By remembering what you're grateful for, it helps you build resilience to cope... and you'll be happier with all that you do have.

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It can be easy to lose sight of yourself...

The race to have more, be more can be overwhelming

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Remembering to be grateful is a little tool to bring you back to you

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4 Notepad Bundle


And in case you need a little more information about me, I'm an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist specialising in stress management and sleep issues. I've worked with clients to help them manage stress and anxiety, beat insomnia (some after decades of suffering with it), ditch fears and phobias, control alcohol addiction, boost motivation and confidence, and lose weight. Additionally, I'm a Wellness Coach, author (books available from Amazon), speaker including TEDx, and a corporate trainer.

Buy online or contact me geraldine@geraldinejoaquim.co.uk

This could be the best £9.95 you've ever spent!

Disclaimer: Please note that whilst this notepad may help improve your ability to manage stress, there are lots of other factors that impact on good mental health. Stress, sleep, diet, lifestyle, health, environment all play a part, and it's important to address these alongside having good habits to prevent stress from building up, as well as techniques to use in a moment of stress overwhelm. This notepad is designed with tried and tested psychological tools but it's not magic! It takes consistent action to create a good habit, and hopefully you'll enjoy developing your habit through using it.

If you have any questions or need more specialised help with stress management, anxiety, etc get in touch (geraldine@geraldinejoaquim.co.uk/hypnotherapy) or if you have health concerns do contact your GP.



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